Posted by: Run For Life | 19 July, 2011

New goals

The main goal: to crush the full marathon.  Let’s be real for a minute here: Even though I’ve run one before, it wasn’t good enough for me.  I acted like it was, and let’s face it..that was a joke.  I’m competitive and I need more.  So we’ll chalk it up to a long long run that was an experience.  Now, it’s game time. Time to crush the goal and stop fearing 26.2.

Mini goals to get there:

  • Two half marathons, a week apart from one another.
  • Body fat: 15%.
  • Enter a competition of some sort (other than running.)
  • Two a days.


  • Two half marathons: booked.  As for training, I’ve done intervals, hills, cross training, shorter distances, now I need to focus on longer runs.
  • Body fat: Eh, need to stop stuffing my face when I get home from work.
  • Competition: No progress.
  • Two a days: going well.  Usually bikram yoga and something else, but I’m throwing in a variety so it’s all good. I haven’t felt like I’m overtraining so I’ll keep it up as long as it fits with the overall plan.


  1. Hey, welcome back to the blogger world….

  2. Welcome Back…missed ya too!
    Which marathon are you training for?

    • Thanks, Lam! I haven’t decided on what full to do yet. I was thinking Vegas but now I’m leaning away from that. Any suggestions?

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