Posted by: Run For Life | 19 August, 2009


At the beginning of the month my cat, Precious, passed away.  I’ve grown up around animals all my life and am definitely an animal lover of all kinds.  Over my life I’ve of course  had to see some of them leave me as well and while their deaths all brought tears and I do love each in a special way Precious meant more than I can verbalize.

She seemed to get suddenly ill and lasted a week from the first day I noticed things were off.  Animals are often good at disguising their pain so perhaps she just didn’t show signs earlier.  I was fortunate enough to get home from work and pick her up and just hold her until she left me…she had waited to see me one last time and I was sobbing like a fool.  I’m glad she isn’t in pain any longer but it is still heartbreaking.

I’m lucky I was able to have her companionship for so long.  I got her a couple of months before my eighth birthday so she was always there for me growing up.  It’s going to be difficult not having her around any longer.  A few times (especially after work when I’m tired) I’ve started to look for her…it’s just bizarre to not have her around.  It may seem trivial that a cat could mean so much but I find that animals are often more in tune to your feelings than humans.  A similar thing happened with my horse when I was younger.  Or perhaps I’m just a pathetic sap.  I could go on about Precious for a long time but quite simply, she is the best cat ever.  I miss and love her dearly.




  1. I’m sorry for your loss. You & Precious have been keeping each other company for a long time, so your sadness isn’t pathetic nor can it be trivialized.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kitty. We recently lost our kitty Hope (who looked remarkably like Precious) so I know what you’re going through. Like you said, at least she’s not in pain anymore.

  3. Pets are family. No need to explain or apologize. I still miss Grizzly, the first of our dogs for whom I was truly his boy.

  4. 😦 Sorry to hear about Precious. No need to be apologetic, I remember losing my dog quite a while ago. 😦

  5. She is over the rainbow with all of our best pals. They are free of pain and all happy.
    We shall never forget them!

  6. I’m so sorry about Precious. Animals are like our children. I know I feel that way about my dog, and every other dog I have had. *hugs*

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