Posted by: Run For Life | 12 August, 2009

Not quite…

So I’ve done a little running around since I posted, just not as intended.  I was originally planning on going after work on Monday but I ended up having a ride along with the paramedics and then was wiped out when I got back.  This wasn’t too concerning because I was scheduled to come in during the afternoon on Tuesday.  Of course, I got called in super early and ended up working 20 hrs. and then had 4.5 hrs. before I had to be at work again. Needless to say, I now think I am functioning solely on caffeine.

I did get to wear my new compression socks today – I thought it would be a good time to test them out since I had minimal “off my feet” time in the past two days.  I also tried them out last week on a flight.  They definitely helped so I’m excited to dork out the socks with my shorts on a long run.  At the rate things are going it’ll be another year until that happens (jk.)  I have also reverted to my old (but good) eating habits this week and have noticed a positive difference so yay for small changes!

So here’s the revised plan: Get sleep.  Wake up and run.  I’m not allowing myself to do anything else until that’s out of the way.  The running gear is already laid out for the morning.  I figure I’ll do this every day until I am used to dragging my butt out earlier.  I don’t want any “rest days”  while I’m trying to gain some momentum in starting back up for fear of the never ending excuses.  You have permission to yell and berate me if I don’t run tomorrow.

Random: My friend Stef told me about this band a few years ago and now it seems they’re getting the recognition they should.  This has been stuck in my head for days!



  1. You do pretty long hours at work!

    Laying out the gear the night before a run usually works pretty well. I hope you get in the runs.

  2. I hope you’re not on your feet for 20hrs … if so, you will benefit ENORMOUSLY if you wear Energizing Socks with graduated compression.

    I have a pair with your name on them – available for a work/road test anytime (and I’m here in Van too!).

    Give me a shout and we’ll get you sorted.

  3. Long hours at work suck! Planning ahead always helps with running. Hope you are getting yours done. Take care.

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