Posted by: Run For Life | 16 July, 2009

I’m still here – wedding edition

The craziness is dying down so I’ll hopefully be back in routine soon and able to entertain you with running posts.

The wedding was beautiful and it was an absolutely fabulous day!  Her father was able to walk her halfway down the aisle and I’m pretty sure everyone there was crying since we all knew how trying the last little while has been.  Here are a few pics (and by a few I mean a lot):



Relaxing (who knows what we’re laughing at!)


Get together:


Rehearsal (complete with fake bouquet.)


Night before the wedding:

P1080285 copy

A great view to wake up to:


Getting my hair done:


Myself with the other bridesmaids:



Helping with the veil:


Checking out the bridesmaids bouquets:


The bride getting her make-up done:


The groom is nervously getting ready to go to the venue:


Lacing up the corset:


After this point my camera was put away.  The following pics are from friends/family.

Back of her gown as she and her dad walk the aisle:


Ceremony picture:


The following two pics Andrew took (they’re great you should click them to see the full version!)


Awww, such cute newlyweds!


Back to my camera (but family was taking the shots) This is at the gift opening (I have no idea what that look on my face is for.)


A few days later we went to the Bay to spend giftcards (it’s so much fun buying stuff that isn’t with your own money!)  We were trying to get a pic of the five sails and cruise ship in the background.  We ended up with five pics of us and shrubbery.  This is the best one, haha. 😛


So there you go.  I have more friends getting married this summer, one in two days, another in seventeen, and the last one in thirty days!  Talk about the summer of weddings!

I hope you’re all doing well.  I have well over 1,000 items on my Google Reader so I’m just going to start fresh because there is no way I’ll be able to catch up.



  1. Very nice pictures, K. Sounds like a great time! Happy to hear that the wedding went well for your friend and her father.

  2. Nice pics K. Are you next????

    • Haha, not even close. You know when your friends joke that your singledom will last so long you’ll be the spinster that wears muumuus and swim caps with appliques it’s probably time to start worrying!

  3. Great pics! They look like a lot of fun.

  4. Beautiful wedding! I love the dress you have on for the mani/pedi party. No doubt it was wonderful having her dad be able to walk her down the aisle!!

    • Thanks, I love it too! I got it at Winners if you want to look for one similar.

      Yeah, it was definitely great he was able to do that!

  5. Cool pics!

    I turned off the ‘show counts’ feature in Google Reader…that way I don’t ever know how hiddeously behind I am.

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