Posted by: Run For Life | 5 July, 2009


I feel so disconnected from the world right now!  Things are going better health wise for my friend’s dad and we’re moving along with plans for the wedding, hopefully they’ll allow him to come for at least the ceremony portion but for right now he’s still on TPN, has a central line, etc. but he’s talking and doing a million times better than a week ago when we almost lost him twice.

In other news I have not run for WAY too long.  I actually have not done any of my workouts since uh, middle of June?  Whenever I last posted about doing one (I’m too scared to look back, haha.)  I feel like my fitness has plummeted but somehow my shorts seem to be falling off, the stress diet or more likely deteriorating quad muscles?   We’ll hope for the former even though that’s probably not the case…I am crossing my fingers I’ll be able to go for a run tomorrow.  I’ll let you know if that happens, for sure.

The good news is that I’ve been doing a lot of walking and have been able to do a couple relaxing things between hospital visits.  Went to the beach one day (where I got sunburned on my back despite ample application of suntan lotion) and relaxed by the pool for a couple of hours another day.  At the hospital I’ve taken walks with my friend when we’ve needed to get a time out.  Fortunately, Vancouver has had gorgeous weather recently so that helps.

Here are some pics so you aren’t completely bored:


Flowers that we had to put in the family ICU room, so pretty!

P1080059The days have all been like this lately.



P1080028 I cropped out other people so they wouldn’t kill me for posting pics of them. 😉  This was Canada Day (hence the white and red outfit.)

Maybe I’ll be able to update you on RUNNING tomorrow (keep your fingers and toes crossed!)

P.S. I added the before and after hair cut photos in the previous post.



  1. Great views and beautiful flowers! WOW that’s a haircut; nice job

    Running will be there when you’re ready, don’t fret.

  2. I hope your friend’s dad is doing better. Sometimes life takes over and that’s okay. I am sure he and your friend and the family all really appreciate you being there!

  3. It wasn’t until i went back to the other post that i know understood Stuart’s comment. That is one heck of a haircut.

    Glad to hear your friends dad continues to do better!

  4. Best of luck with the health crisis on your end. You’ll be back out there soon enough!

  5. Was reading somewhere that Mark Allen (I think)(super triathlete guy) takes 2 full months off a year for recovery. That’s all this is. 🙂

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