Posted by: Run For Life | 1 July, 2009

The run around

Note: My friend’s dad is still in the ICU but he is improving, thank you for your kind words.

I have not been running since whenever I last posted. Things have been so busy though I haven’t really noticed too much. Today we were able to go to the pool and have a little swim, soak in some rays, and destress a bit before going back to the hospital.

I completely thought I had published this post below a few days ago, sorry!

I’ll post pictures when I can.

Happy Canada Day!

Better late than never: Here’s my response to this week’s Take it and Run Thursday. I never realized how important recovery was until I over-did it. I also never knew how much I’d learn about myself when I began this sport.

Running has been put on the backburner but I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze in at least a little tiny run later on.

Completely random -I got my hair cut today and here are some before and after pics:




  1. Good luck to your friend’s dad. Hope you liked your haircut.

  2. Sending positive vibes to you friends Dad! No pics of the haircut though ;-(

  3. Good to hear things are improving. Happy belated Canada day!

  4. Cheated and and read ahead, but good wishes to your friend’s dad.

    And I like the haircut. Looks good.

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