Posted by: Run For Life | 23 June, 2009

Stairs are evil

Yesterday I decided to run stairs for fifteen minutes because I felt I could get more out of that instead of just warming up and having to quit a run.  It went well and I tried to keep a consistent pace which was hard to maintain near the end.  I also started to do the watch thing, looking every nanosecond it seemed to see when it would be done.

Obviously that doesn’t help…but somehow, I didn’t trust the alarm would go off.  Of course it did and I almost tripped because I was happy to have that hard workout over with (and I was also wiped!)  This morning, my hips are telling me that we either need to incorporate this more or to never do that again.  I think some stretching and/or yoga is in order at the end of the day.

I don’t know what I have planned workout wise and frankly I’m not awake enough to glance at my schedule right this second!  Hopefully it won’t cause rebellion from some other body part.  The stairs WERE a good thing to do though and the hips will just have to get over themselves.

Also, the post workout smoothie was definitely awesome: banana, lots of mango, protein powder, some ice and water.  Mmmm!



  1. Stairs are definitely a killer. Every little part of my legs is sore afterwards. Great workout though.

  2. I can imagine that is would be wise to give your body a good rest after doing stairs. Stairs are indeed evil.

  3. Yeah…I can never do stairs. I rather run up a really steep hill three times over than do the same distance on stairs. They really hurt my hips. (Or at least I imagine they would!)

  4. Stairs are a great workout but yep stretching is always a must!

  5. Lunges up stairs are a great idea too.

    I’m not sure if you live in Vancouver or not? I’ll be there in August and can’t wait to get out and hit up the Grouse Grind. Mother Nature’s Stairmaster…

  6. Real stairs or one of those rotating stair machines? Either way…evil! Not quite as evil as the devil’s tool; the elliptical. But close. 🙂

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