Posted by: Run For Life | 22 June, 2009


I’ve definitely been a slacker in regards to the blogging duties but seriously, if I can’t think of something worth writing about you probably wouldn’t read it, eh?

Running lately has mirrored that and been “meh.”  It takes me forever to convince myself to go and then I plod along, feeling like I really should be working on my massive “to-do” list even though I know that the run will benefit me.  Afterward, I feel better but then the cycle repeats.  I don’t know if I’m just in a running lull or if it has more to do with other things on my mind.  Either way, I’m ready for a change in pace.

Man alive!  I just spilled a good bit of water on myself (a slight bit hitting the laptop)…karma, I am sorry, I really do love running.

In a spin of randomness: how do you feel about running and showering?  I would hedge a bet that us runners take approximately ten billion more showers than the “average Joe” per week.  It’s kind of like we spend all our free time running and then in the shower.  Someone needs to invent a faster way to get the stink out.

Plus, I find if I’m showering two (or sometimes a rare three times) a day that I forget essential things like shaving my legs because I just want to get cleaned off and on with the day.  Then when I put on something that shows those hairy legs – BACK into the shower it is to do a botch job.  Or I just wear woolen pants on a 23C day.  Or maybe it’s just me.

Also, the usage of moisturizer and hair products is exponentially increased when you start running.  My skin was already like an alligators, and thanks to running it’s like a dead alligators!  (OK, so it is not THAT bad…but in case you haven’t noticed I am loving my exaggerations today.)

Here’s to hoping it’s a meh-less Monday. 🙂



  1. It definitely is annoying showering all the time and then I sometimes skip moisturizing since that is just super annoying. Ahh! But my body is looking better these days 🙂

  2. I recently came across the same thing. I was so busy running and showering just to get clean that I forgot about shaving and I ended up having to do a quick job in the sink 10 minutes before leaving the house.

    Us runners have bigger and better things to think about other than shaving, that’s my take on it. =)

  3. Good to think that I don’t have to worry about shaving my legs.

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