Posted by: Run For Life | 16 June, 2009

Fun free stuff!

The post I did about FREE blister prevention patches did not get much response.  Once again, use Run4Life in the subject line and send your address and they’ll ship you a free sample, easy as that!  I don’t know if you have all emailed ENGO without commenting on the post (which is fine) but I just wanted to say that Count of Monte Christo (from the NL) emailed them and they bent over backwards to get their UK branch to send him their patches!  So seriously, everyone should take advantage of this opportunity if you want comfy feet and let other bloggers know.  Plus, the Count says they’re great!  (FYI: I am not affiliated with ENGO or getting any compensation for this.)

Also, the hilarious Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! is giving away a $75.00 gift certificate to where they have an extensive collection of runners.  If you aren’t already a subscriber to Steve’s blog you should really check it out and then enter for free shoes.  I guarantee you’ll laugh and maybe cringe or raise an eyebrow.



  1. The Engo patches were a big success, so I will definitely go visit the Steve in a Speedo blog (despite the dubious title 😉 )

  2. Sorry to hear about the cold, that sucks! Free blister patches…kewl!

  3. I’ll check it out but just for you, Shrek.

  4. Missed this the first time around. Thanks!

    I only get blisters when I run marathons apparently, but this would be good to try.

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