Posted by: Run For Life | 15 June, 2009

Ahh, sweet relief

I’m feeling much better today, thanks for the comments but I don’t think I pushed it as hard as you all think I may have.  I’m not exactly 100% but close enough and I think by Wednesday everything will be back to full capacity.

I went for a short run and it was very nice – the weather was perfect!  I had a bit of chest tightness and so it was more like a half hour walk with twenty minutes of running thrown in between which was great since I felt like I was being productive but didn’t have any specific goal.  I did get a little overheated and couldn’t tell if it was from the last bits of the cold sweating itself out or because of the warm weather, perhaps both.

There were surprisingly only a few other people I passed (I expected more to be out.)  I am getting better at the morning running but it’s still hard sometimes to drag myself out there,  it’ll come due time.

Enough about that – this cold stuff is boring!  I was reading the latest Runner’s World issue yesterday and the Marathon Challenge kind of has me thinking about Richmond.  I think it’s far enough from the one my friend and I want to run (a month is enough time, right?!)



  1. Glad you are feeling better. Where do you usually run? A lot of people were out running today, but it felt a lot hotter out than the temp to me, I was dying in the heat!

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