Posted by: Run For Life | 14 June, 2009

Over it

I’m so over this cold! It can leave now, thank you very much. Needless to say, the workouts haven’t been up to par but I’m not sweating it. I’ve been able to get in two absolutely hilarious runs and a few wimpy other workouts.

tissuesFriday I dragged my sorry butt out after work and completed a long super slow two miles. I felt a bit dizzy from been stuffed up but I was able to run in a straight line which is more than I hoped for!  My nose was running like crazy and because I knew this would be a problem the run went more like this: attempt to run, stop, blow nose, attempt to run, stop, blow nose…etc. It was probably not really beneficial.

You know you’re sick when you sleep from 22:00 Fri. to 10:00 Sat and when your best friend calls you and thinks she’s accidentally dialed the wrong number since you sound like a man when you answer, haha. Saturday I was actually feeling significantly better and probably was out and about too much (ran errands, went to a BBQ, another short run, etc.) and as a result today I feel not so hot.  Although, thankfully my body has decided it doesn’t need to go through a box or more of tissues a day any longer.

I did not do my long run and was going to put in another measly two miles or so but as I type this I really don’t have the motivation. I am even in my running gear (which usually makes me get out there) but I’m perfectly content staying in today.

I did about five minutes of jump roping and felt like my head would explode again so that was canned and did a few body weight exercises but that only lasted for another five minutes. Oh well, at least I feel ok from the neck down and my legs will hopefully be fresh for the upcoming week.  I’m counting on feeling better tomorrow and getting back into routine.



  1. Oh gosh, I hope you will feel better soon!

  2. When you’re worried about running in a stratight line, it’s probably best to take a day off.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ick. Well, hopefully things are indeed trending the right way and all will be better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better. Don’t sweat the workouts if you’re not feeling well. Better to recover fully before running. Kick that bug out of your system soon.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon. You are a serious trooper for getting out there and doing anything when sick!

    And thanks for setting me straight on the prairie dogs! I had no idea what they were, but they certainly looked cute.

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