Posted by: Run For Life | 9 June, 2009

Bothersome bugs

On my runs lately I’ve actually been wearing shorts (shocking, I know!)  Unfortunately, the bug_bitebugs are out as well and this has caused some issues.  I have so far forgotten insect repellent each time and it shows.  I have about twelve bites around my left ankle alone!  Oddly enough, they don’t seem to like my arms so it’s just my legs being bit so far.

It’s so itchy right now I’m contemplating taking out the tights again (just kidding.)  Knowing my luck some super crazy insect would be out and not only would I be miserable in the heat but still get bit.  Hopefully when I actually remember to use repellent it’ll be effective for deterring the little twerps on the run.  Now, if we could just come up with something to keep those tiny gnat swarms from ending up in our mouths…



  1. Oh, yuck….I hate the gnat swarms! Thanks for posting that smoothie recipe too. I really need to jump on the smoothie bandagon.

  2. You know, those gnat swarms provide good protein for your long runs 😛

  3. It’s all about the deet. 🙂

    They make sunscreen with mosquito repellent these days…two for the price of one!

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