Posted by: Run For Life | 6 June, 2009

Another update

Most importantly, my friend’s sister Kelly is scheduled to have surgery this morning at 09:00 and it is expected to last anywhere between two and five hours.  She’s getting a plate and screws in her pelvic bone and they are looking at the damage to the sacrum (thank goodness the break wasn’t higher) and may put in screws there.  The poor girl is missing her grad (prom) tonight but at least she’s here TO be disappointed with missing it, you know?  Still, it’s definitely going to be a long recovery process.

My workouts have gone alright this week and certainly I haven’t really cared about them due to what’s happened.  Be thankful for your health and the ability to be out running, savour it!

**Edit: She’s out of surgery and so far everything went well!**


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad she’s doing well.

    Oh and thanks for your e-mail as well.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m glad she’s doing well and made it through her surgery okay. I didn’t realize this all happened locally here in Surrey. Anyhow, the plates and screws will be a big part of her successful recovery. Thanks for the update.

    • Thanks a lot. It’s great to know that you can recover from something like that. I know you still have some issues with your back but it definitely seems like you’ve come an extraordinarily long way. I certainly admire you for that!

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