Posted by: Run For Life | 5 June, 2009

A.M. running woes

garfieldBy nature I am a night owl and the mere thought of leaving my warm bed in the morning to exercise usually makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spork.  Getting up a nanosecond sooner than need be is just wrong.

I did not think I’d ever be one of the morning runners.  Lo and behold, marathon training changed that and I became one with perky “way to early” wake-up calls.  I believe I even made a disgusting post about how awesome morning runs are during that time.  I was either delusional or I just forgot how great sleep is.  (Nah, it must have been the former.)

Now though, I cannot get back into that groove.  I just do NOT want to get up early to run in the morning.  If I do drag my sorry butt out the run doesn’t seem to do it’s usual endorphin flooding tricks. This is making me cranky.  I don’t know what the best course of action is to remedy the situation.

I’m still trying since I know the summer heat will fry me when it’s in full force.  Once I do get into the habit it will help the day go by faster (and is a bonus to think you’ve accomplished more than most people by the time they rise.)  I will also be able to squeeze in more cross training workouts that way and it’ll make marathon training easier.

I keep reminding myself of these things as I fling myself onto the floor in an over dramatic protest to the alarm ringing.  Any tips here?  Is there a surefire way to tell your internal clock to just suck it up and deal?


  1. I never get up early to run…I just can’t seem to do it! But it’s been SO hot and unbearable here, I really should start to!

  2. Getting up for morning runs (and the eternal way-too-early alarm going at awful times) will never get good in my opinion. However, the run itself always makes me realize that the worst thing of morning runs is the 5 sec. period of getting out of bed.

    I tend to just not think, and to just hit the alarm-clock button and gear up. The moment I begin to think in the morning is the moment I will find all sorts of excuses for not having to go on this long run.

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