Posted by: Run For Life | 3 June, 2009

National Running Day and More Karnazes!

Today is a HAPPY day for all of us because it is National Running Day!  So get out there and show some love to running.  Pestering non-runners to do so as well could also be fun.  How do you think it would work out if that’s ALL we talk about for the day…we could just out-run them if they got mad enough.  (Yeah, I know I’m a dork, thanks.)  Anyway, on the schedule for me is an interval run which I might blog about later depending on how it goes.  Now, anyone have pull to make this an actual day off of work?

Last but certainly not least – I received this email and thought you might appreciate this:

Blue Planet Run and The North Face want YOU to walk in Dean Karnazes’ shoes… yep, the ones he ran in on his way to winning the 4 Deserts series and being the first to complete the Desert Grand Slam, in one year crossing 5 deserts – Salar De Uyuni, Gobi, Sahara, Death Valley, and Antarctic!

Donate $10 or more before June 8 and you will be entered in our raffle to win Dean’s autographed shoes! The winner will be announced on June 8th. Wearing the shoes is optional! Please tell anyone you know who would be interested in this collector’s item.

100% of the raffle money will go to support water projects at schools in Guatemala.


  1. It’s such a good thing that NRD exists. NL doesn’t know this type of day, though I saw a group of at least 20 new runners following the local Couch 2 5 K program during my run yesterday.

    Have a great interval run!

  2. Holw cow I managed ot get far behind, but I’m all caught up now. 🙂

    I wish it was a day off – that might help out a lot of people!

    But I ran, even though I wasn’t in this country, I figured the ‘national’ part was still valid even if it had ‘inter’ in front of it. 🙂

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