Posted by: Run For Life | 1 June, 2009

Not so long run

Yesterday I bagged my long run because things just were just plain off.  I was feeling ok beforehand, just a little tired but that’s no big deal.  I eventually convinced myself to get out the door and walked for about ten minutes before I started to run.

The running didn’t last so long.  As soon as I started a headache appeared and with each footfall my head felt worse and the pounding got more intense.  It was certainly annoying and I took some water in case it was dehydration even though I was 99% sure it was not the issue.  I decided to walk again and then start running a few minutes later.  The headache progressed so instead I walked for about 45-60 mins.

Today I went for a 45 min. run which went well.  I took it slow and had no issues and the weather was pretty nice as an added bonus.

Saturday I worked out a rough schedule of the next month workout wise.  I am sure a few things will need to be moved but everything’s on the calendar so workouts will be done.  I have an official training programme to follow for the next 12 weeks so it’ll be picking up the heat.  Roughly this is what the next month should look like each week:

Running – 3-4 days
Cross-training/strengthening – 3 days
Yoga – 60-90 mins.
Abs – 3-4 days

It doesn’t look like more than I’m already doing (besides this past week) but trust me, the intensity will be brought up!

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