Posted by: Run For Life | 27 May, 2009

Free Blister Prevention!

blisterWe all know that we can be prone to getting blisters as runners.  Despite the body glide and technical socks you can lance them, bandage them, use moleskin, 2nd skin, and curse them into oblivion.   Now there’s a new option!  ENGO has come up with a patch you put on your shoes that reduces the friction.  Here’s the comment they left me:

I suggest trying ENGO blister prevention patches – applied once to your footwear, wherever irritation and blisters appear.  ENGO is an ultra-thin, low-friction patch that fixes the footwear, not your skin. Easy to use and 100% guaranteed!

We’re more than willing to send a free ENGO Patch sample to anyone who emails their mailing address to us:, subject: Run4Life.

So check out their site and get yourself a free patch and spread the word!  A special thanks to the ENGO marketing team for offering my readers the chance to have happy feet.


  1. Whoa, this is a very interesting post. I have been struggling with the friction new shoes generate in the first 100K I use them.
    I will definitely send Engo a message.
    Thanks for the tip

  2. […] free stuff! The post I did about FREE blister prevention patches did not get much response.  Once again, use Run4Life in the subject line and send […]

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