Posted by: Run For Life | 26 May, 2009

Week Three: Operation Bikini Bod

I am on a mission to get ready for summer!  Each week I will post an overall review, a featured workout and nutrition tips.  If you have any questions  or want me to address a certain topic feel free to comment or email me: runforlife[at]ymail[dot]com

Weekly review:
– 5 days running
– 3 days strengthening, cross-training, abs
– 1 day of yoga

I was off my game this week for sure.  A lot had to do with time management issues – I didn’tclock schedule in some workouts properly and as a result cross-training and yoga were compromised.  I don’t feel too bad about this since I got a fair amount of quality running in.  Like last week, I can tell the lack of yoga is making me stiff so my mini-goal for this week is to do at least 10 minutes a day.

I hate to admit this but my nutrition was pretty terrible this week.  Office “goodies” abound, I attempted to ignore them but fell victim to a slice of ice cream cake and some full fat cheeses.  Fortunately, I was able to watch my portions though I still had a noticeable “crash” after.  There also may or may not have been another instance with some ice cream, haha.  Besides that, I ran out of veggies midweek which was frustrating but the next day ran to the store to stock up.

Featured Workout

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I did not make any workouts up this week.  I’ll tell you what I did do…Glisten workouts, but this deserves a separate post which I’ll type up after this.

Nutrition Tips

I’m going to talk about something that can plague even the health conscience: portions.

Why is portion control important?  Most people ask this question even though they already know the answer: if you don’t watch your portions things can quickly get out of balance.  For example, under eating your green veggies may put your B vitamin levels in danger, which help support your immune system and cell metabolism.  Overeating those steaks can cause plaque buildup in the arteries which can lead to hypertension and heart attacks.  Even if you have a healthy well balanced diet and consume more than you should those calories will add up and cause your weight to tip the scale.

Restaurant portions in North America are notoriously huge.  Ask if they have a smaller size or request half of your meal to be put in a doggy bag for later.  You can also order from the appetizer section, just make sure it’s not deep fried!  Take a hint from European countries that take a lot of time to eat their meals instead of shoving it all down in fifteen minutes.

At home, look at the nutrition info’s serving size: ice cream is typically around 75g (0.5c)  Most people give more than that to their kids!  Nut butter should be a DTbsp. and some breads are listed as one piece on the panel and can pack in excess of 200 cals. for two slices!  A typical meat serving is 3oz. and most people usually eat far more.  Pasta is usually 2oz. cooked (0.5c.)….measure that out and I bet you’ll be shocked!

When you want something sweet trust the fact that your eyes will probably deceive you in terms of portioning and take 25% less than what you think you need.  Don’t just scarf them down – savour each bite and you’ll be more satisfied!  For things like chips (approximately 15 chips) count them out and put the bag away so you don’t mindlessly eat half the bag.

I use my electronic food scale a lot, I love it and I would say it’s a worthy investment if you’re thinking about getting one.  I weigh almost everything and find it quite useful in baking.  If you don’t have a scale or are on-the-go here are some estimated serving sizes:

Meat – palm of your hand or deck of cards
Cheese – domino piece or the size of your thumb
Leafy veggies – area of your hands cupped together
Other veggies – two “palms”
Milk, Juice, Punch, etc. – 1/3 less than a regular pop can
Peanut butter, salad dressings – golf ball
Wine, alcohol, beer – way less than you think 😉

Measuring things can be a huge pain but once you do it for a little bit of time you’ll get used to knowing what a portion is and/or how many calories something packs in it.  You’ll probably find some items you always need to check: for myself I always underestimate any proteins and overestimate ice cream!  Once a month or  every so often you can recheck your estimations to make sure you’re still on track.


  1. The unfortunate falling incident put paid to my beach preparation regime. Off this weekend after 4 weeks of less than perfect food and alcohol consumption… ah well, at least there’ll be sun!

  2. Great reminder on portion control! When I started my “lifestyle change” portion control was a huge part of it!

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