Posted by: Run For Life | 25 May, 2009

Ode to my Shoes

A few spins around the block to get cozy
Then everything is great: through puddles, sand, dirt, and mud
Upon pavement, gravel, grass, treadmill, and track
Cushioning each footfall; even when my form goes awry

I fall in love with my runners
Blisters, blackened toenails, and arch pain subsides
There are blissful runs and halfhearted ones, too
Long runs, short ones, intervals, hills, and everything in between

It was going so well
Then soles show wear and tear
Grip begins to slip – the shins “twinge”
Log records reveal almost 800k

Off to the running store once more
I’ll test and ponder this monumental choice
Excited and apprehensive as I make my selection
Hoping my new pair will be
As great as the old


  1. Literary genius 😀
    Very good poem

  2. The shoes I like are Brooks
    but they wear out to soon
    still no other shoe for me to look
    (can’t figure out what rhymes with soon)

    Nice poem….

  3. […] bookmarks tagged blissful Ode to my Shoes saved by 4 others     robthevip bookmarked on 05/25/09 | […]

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