Posted by: Run For Life | 21 May, 2009

Hungry hungry runners

In today’s Runners’ Lounge Take it and Run Thursday’s theme of EAT THIS NOT THAT I’m guessing most of you already have a diet that is better than the majority of North Americans so my version has a larger health spin on it.  Getting the right fuel for your  workouts is critical – it can be the difference between bonking and having energy for a final sprint at the end of your race.  Figuring out what is best for you may take time but you’ll be happy you did!

Any of the items here are fine to eat!  After all, you know you shouldn’t be following the Michael Phelps fueling strategy.



Banana vs. Apple

Why?  Obviously both of these are great for you but bananas pack in more potassium which can help ward off cramps.  They also have slightly less fibre than apples which will hopefully mean you won’t need to hit that porta-potty.



Greek Yogurt vs. Plain yogurt

Why?  Greek yogurt is strained once more than regular yogurt.  It therefore has more protein and a thicker texture.  It is also easier for most people to digest.  A serving of Greek yogurt has approximately 17g protein vs. 6g for regular yogurt.  Plop that into your smoothie and you won’t need any protein powder!


Steel-cut Oats vs. Instant Oatmeal

Why?  Steal cut oats are a whole grain and besides keeping you full for a long time they have a fair amount of iron in them and no sodium unless you add it. One serving of steal cut oats is a larger portion than one packet of instant.  The instant packages have a lot of added sugar, sodium and some non-natural ingredients in them as well.

Eat happy, run happy!



  1. Hmmmmmmm… I like apples more, have only had the regular yogurt and looooooove instant oatmeal. Is there something wrong with me? 🙂

    • Haha, no nothing’s wrong! They’re all healthy items. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with the oatmeal debate. So easy to cook in the MW.
    Around here the Greek yogurt is too expensive!

    • I make my own greek yogurt. If you search it on you tube you can find instructional videos. It’s pretty easy and a LOT cheaper!

  3. Great tips! Thanks.

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