Posted by: Run For Life | 19 May, 2009

Week Two: Operation Bikini Bod

Sorry that this (and other posts) have been delayed, my bad!

I am on a mission to get ready for summer!  Each week I will post an overall review, a featured workout and nutrition tips.  If you have any questions  or want me to address a certain topic feel free to comment or email me: runforlife[at]ymail[dot]com

Weekly review:
– 4 days running, abs
– 3 days strengthening, cross-training
– 2 days yoga

This week was a bit more hectic but I was still able to put in some great workouts.  I unfortunately wasn’t able to do my long yoga session and could definitely feel that by the end of the week.

Nutrition wise I was fueled properly and don’t have anything amusing to report.  How dry, I know…getting on the crazy cravings bandwagon would make for a better story. 😉

Featured Workout

This is to mainly target the legs.  I found it a little boring (that’s what I get for making up my own routines!) So I would definitely throw in some more moves next time.

Once again: I am NOT a personal trainer so try this at your own discretion.  Remember that everyone is different so you may want to use it as a guideline.  Also, PLEASE keep good form, protecting your knees and back especially.

– 5 minute warm up
– 25 walking lunges w/bicep curls (slowly…remember form!)
– 5 minutes jumping rope
– Wall squat 5 mins. (it took me a super long time to get up to that so just go as long as you can)
– Jumping jacks until bored
– Plank to maximum hold
– Lateral leg lifts (5 past “the burn” – each leg)
– 25 walking lunges w. side twists
– 10 minute cool down and stretch

Nutrition Tips

Why is eating food that is out of your “norm” beneficial?

We all do it: get into routines of what we like, find out what is the least time consuming to make, and have a hard time deviating from that seemingly perfect food plan. So you’re probably asking right now, why bother?

When you eat the same things day in and day out you can get bored very easily.  Cravings can sometimes sneak up on you this way.  Ever wanted to eat something and know you won’t really like it?  Chances are you are in need of more variety (or are hormonal.)  All of the sudden that nutritional landmine of a plate a co-worker is passing around looks really tempting, even if you aren’t hungry!   Changing things up can prevent that by giving your taste buds different textures and flavours to look forward to.

Another primary reason you need to switch things up once in a while is because you’ll be more likely to get all the nutrients you need.  I’m not talking about majorly overhauling the items you know work for you but encouraging you to figure out new ways to prepare them or find similar items to try.  Here are some tips:

  • Try one new recipe a week.  This is usually manageable for even the busiest of us and you might find something you really like!
  • Go for colour!  All the beautiful fruits and veggies of vibrant colours each have their own nutritional powerhouses in them so make sure your plate isn’t monochromatic.
  • Always snack on a handful of almonds?  Try pecans, walnuts, or sunflower seeds.
  • Is your blender whirring those blueberries into oblivion for your smoothie?  Try strawberries, peaches, pineapple, etc.
  • Use soup stock (preferably low sodium) to cook your brown rice, quinoa, couscous or beans in instead of water for added flavour.
  • If you always reach for carrot sticks as a healthy snack try roasted parsnips.
  • Rotate the snacks/lunches you bring to work or bring a few choices.
  • Always use romaine in your salads?  Throw some spinach, butter lettuce, or arugula in there.

There are a few times I recommend sticking with what you know:

  • During an unusually stressful time in your life.
  • Race day fueling.  If you’ve found what helps you perform the best don’t mess with it or your GI tract may revolt in protest. (Mess with it during training.)
  • If you’re beginning to lose weight that is enough to tackle on it’s own so if you’ve found something that really works don’t experiment if the thought overwhelms you.


  1. Wow. I need a fitness and nutrition coach. You’re hired!

  2. Seriously? 25 MINUTES of walking lunges. Holy effing crap!

    Sorry. I hate lunges so bad I can barely stand it.


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