Posted by: Run For Life | 13 May, 2009

Slipping away

This week is going by pretty fast for me sorry I haven’t posted the usual babble yet.  I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath, eh?

Here are a few classic(ly stupid) things that have happened this past week:

  • Forgot my fuel belt.  I was so thirsty at 15km(9ish miles) I decided to cut the run short.
  • The one time I decide not to take my cell with me I end up getting lost.  No worries though, I eventually found my way back.  Karma also planted a big hill near the end just to rub it in.
  • I was excited to see blood on my socks!  This has not happened to me for a long time.  Then I realized it was just the red ink from the insole that had sweated through.  New mission perhaps?
  • I DID get the makings of a new blister which has also not happened for a while (how nerdy am I?)  I attribute this to a few things: running in new shoes a little longer than I should have, not using body glide, and not wearing blister prevention socks.

Whoever took my brain please return it to me.  I’m obviously in need of it this week.

Random: Kids have been asking me the weirdest things this week.  Here’s a funny one:

Kid: “Do you know that Obama is going to paint the White House black?”
Me: “I hadn’t heard that…but I don’t think so…”
Kid: “No, he will spray paint it, I know it!”
Me: “Oh really, why’s that?”
Kid: “Because he’s BLACK.  It’s the WHITE HOUSE.” (He looked at me with an expression that could only be read as “is she seriously this dumb?”)
Me: “The White House was named because it’s a big white house.  Not because white people lived in it.”
Kid: “Ohhh!!!  That’s ok I guess.  I think he should still maybe paint a room in it black though.  That would be cool, he could play laser tag.”
Kid #2 chimes in: “His chair in the Oval Office is black, I saw it on TV!”

I don’t know where they come up with these things!  I hope all the mom’s out there enjoyed their Mother’s Day.  How you put up with conversations like the above day in and day out is a mystery to me!



  1. That conversation is hilarious! And yes, I hear ya on the types of week’s where it’s all the little things falling apart.

  2. Huh-larious! Are you a teacher or a mom? Funny how kids think. Cute.

    • I don’t have any little minions of my own! I’m a sub. teacher for elementary school if they’re in a pinch and I’m not working (I have weird hours so a lot of times it works out.)

      Yeah, sometimes you have to wonder where they get their ideas!

  3. I always thought Bush was more of an egg shell white type of guy anyhow. There’s a lot of flaws in that child’s theory.

  4. There are a few synapse leaps in kids heads, they only fuse when the become old and stupid like grown ups!

  5. hmm excited to see blood in your sock..that’s a new one to me

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