Posted by: Run For Life | 13 May, 2009

All washed out

newspaperI know I’ve mentioned I can be absent minded at times but this takes the cake for sure.  Enjoy my idiocy!

The other day when I arrived home I really wanted to hurry up and get my workout in. The problem was I had some other things to do beforehand. So I quickly ate a banana, sorted laundry, grabbed the section of the newspaper I was finished with to take to recycling downstairs with me while I threw in the laundry. I quickly turned the machine on, finished some more mundane tasks, and then changed into workout clothes.

Fast forward to when I’m done the workout. It’s now time to put in another load of laundry. I open the machine door and as I pull out the first piece of clothing I see some paper bits. “What?!  That’s odd…” and I think, “I”m POSITIVE I checked all the pockets. WHERE did this come from?!” I am sure I sighed and vowed to more thoroughly check them next time. I pull out more of my clothes…more paper pieces are clinging to the fabrics…I examine one and cannot figure out what it is. There were A LOT of paper bits…they seemed to multiply  with each item. I shook or took off as much as I could and then tossed them into the dryer. (No point in hang drying since those paper bits would inevitably stick around.)

Finally, I grab the last item from the seemingly endless load….and what do I take out? A huge WAD of newspaper. It was all scrunched up in a ball like some sad papier-mâché attempt.

I’m 99% sure my mouth was hanging open at the realization. I had WASHED the newspaper. Fabulous. I seriously have NO idea how I did not see it going into the washer. I usually put the clothes in one or two at a time and don’t dump them in…talk about a blond moment. I also distinctly remember wondering where I had put the newspaper and assumed I just placed it on a table.  It was actually pretty hilarious once I got over the shock and annoyance of having tiny newspaper shreds on my clothes.  I should have taken a picture of the paper wad but didn’t think about it.  Seriously, sometimes I shake my head at myself!


  1. Nice…at least you cleaned the paper and literally took out all the trash that’s usually buried within it…LOL!

    Don’t fret. It happens…especially when rushing to finish a workout.

  2. You should have known something was up when you started reading your underwear.

  3. Sometimes I’ve left dollar bills in my pocket. I don’t realize until I’ve taken my clothes out of the dryer, but at least they are crispy and dry (and a tad wadded up). … At least no one can say you read dirty news.

  4. I was wondering if you had washed your banana. That might have made things even more messy!!

    By the way…can I say I am heartbroken over the Canucks?!! I now have to cheer for Chicago for hockey pool purposes too… 😦

    • I am SO glad I didn’t wash the banana! That would have been awful.

      Me too. 😦 I was going to write a post but couldn’t bring myself to it! I told my Habs friend it was her fault bc she was rooting for the Blackhawks when the Canucks were still in contention. Unacceptable! I still hope you win your pool…I just don’t want Detroit to win, lol.

  5. Just because the news was bad…

    Never done that, but I’ve done the leave things in odd places all the time. Especially if I’m reading while I’m doing something. Water bittle in the pantry, book on top of the litter box, that kind of thing.

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