Posted by: Run For Life | 8 May, 2009

Oh the gym

Sometimes I just cannot wait to get out of there fast enough.  Yesterday I decided I’d do the treadmill since it was rainy.  After work I headed over and hopped on the bike for a 45 minute spin.  To which I overheard a macho guy say to another, “Wow, she sweats A LOT!”  (He probably thought I had my music on loud enough that I wouldn’t be able to hear him.)  I kind of wanted to say something cheeky but decided against it, which was probably for the better, haha.

Then I got on my favourite treadmill…which seemed to be fixed finally.  I took off starting at a 6.5 since I was warmed up and ready to run.  All was fine as I gradually increased the pace until….I hit that %$*# emergency stop strap out of it’s place again, I think I must have some sort of magical gift to knock those things off.  So annoying.  I sped it up as soon as I could and got back into the rhythm fairly quickly.

As I’m running nowhere I try to up the speed more and it wouldn’t let me!  They maxed out the ‘mill at EIGHT MPH…I was so annoyed.  I didn’t want to use more incline (I was at 3%) so I just did two miles at 8.0 and left without showering or using the sauna.  I was going to ask them what the heck was up with that but decided I’ll wait until the next time I go in.  Seriously though, that seems like a fairly low speed to max a treadmill out on.  They better not have done that to all of them or else!

Fortunately, when I got outside the rain had stopped!  Naturally, I decided to finish up my run outside.  I chose a new route (that I have driven before) and was glad I did.  I felt really great and was able to keep a consistent pace and even had a tiny kick near the end.  All in all a solid 13km (8mi) done.  As I was driving home it started to rain again…so I was actually glad I left the gym earlier than scheduled. It’s the little things that count.  🙂

Random Note: I have not gotten around to reading a lot of your race reports recently.  It’s on the to-do list – I’m not ignoring you!



  1. I hate it when I accidentally hit/tap/whack/thunk the emergency stop button or catch the little string thing. Sooooooo bad. 😦

    8MPH max? Wow, that’s horrible. I think you need to dig up the manual online for the treadmill and find some secret override switch…

  2. I am not a fan of the emergency stop button. I know it is there for a good reason…but I’ve hit it by accident one too many times!

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