Posted by: Run For Life | 7 May, 2009

Week One: Operation Bikini Bod

I am on a mission to get ready for summer!  Each week I will post an overall review, a featured workout and nutrition tips.  If you have any questions  or want me to address a certain topic feel free to comment or email me: runforlife[at]ymail[dot]com

Weekly review:
– 5 days of running
– 4 days of yoga
– 3 days of abs, biking, and strength training

I do these things on a regular basis so the changes I made were as follows:

Added more upper body strength to my weight training.  Pull ups are my nemesis and I am going to have to spend a lot more time with them now.

I typically have been doing three sessions of yoga a week (two and a half hours total.)  To mix it up for the challenge I purchased a “Power Yoga” DVD and did that once last week.  I kept my long yoga session the same and had two days where I woke up and did a short fifteen minute routine to help stretch muscles and wake up refreshed.  This worked well and most likely I will be keeping it this way for a month.  I will experiment with different vinyasas so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Nutrition is mainly on track.  The only “slip up” I had was a day that featured a bowl of sugary cereal and a tiny slice of cake (I wasn’t at home and didn’t plan ahead, oops.)  My calcium and iron intake has been much better and although it is not perfect I am pleased with the progress.  My blender is on the fritz so this will need to be remedied soon.

Featured Workout

This will have your arms/upper back on fire by the end!

– 10 minute  warm up
– 20 military push ups (arms to your sides, elbows stay in)
Reverse plank – 2 mins.
– Standard pull ups to failure
– 3 minute jog
– Maximum tricep dips
– Bicep curls (15-20 reps.)
– Wide pull ups to failure
– Easy run – 5 mins.
– Plank – 1 min.
– Standard push ups to failure
– 10 minute cool down/stretch

I like to torture myself sometimes. 😉  I am NOT a personal trainer so try this at your own discretion.  Remember that everyone is different so you may want to use it as a guideline.  Also, PLEASE remember to keep good form, protecting your knees and back especially.

Nutrition Tips

A lot of people tell me they have trouble getting the recommended amount of fruits and veggies in a day.  Here are a few ways to combat this:

Find fruits and veggies you enjoy! Don’t force yourself to eat broccoli if you’d much rather have carrots.
Start adding them slowly.  If you usually have one serving a day it is unrealistic to think you can immediately jump to eating six servings a day and not revert back.  Plus, your GI tract needs to adjust to the increase in fibre and if you go overboard there will most likely be some unpleasant effects.
Drink smoothies. You can usually pack more than two servings in here alone and there are endless options!  Here’s a basic recipe: 1 banana, 1 c. berries, 1 c. water, handful of spinach – blend until smooth.  You can add ice if you like a thicker consistency.
– Keep an apple/banana/orange/etc. handy at your desk or in your purse.  Not only will it be a healthy snack mid-day but you’ll most likely be able to ward off cravings by having something with natural sugars in it.
– I try to go to the grocery store once a week.  It saves time and helps avoid stress if I plan ahead.  As soon as I get home I wash and cut up the amount of veggies/fruit I know I’ll eat before they go bad and put them in storage containers so I can easily grab them for a snack, add to my lunch bags, and save dinner prep time.
Experiment with how you prepare them.  If you hate eating plain veggies try them with hummus, some balsamic vinegar, or lemon.  Steam them, roast them, add to salads or sandwiches, grill them, or hide them in your soups and sauces.  For fruit you can add them in your cereal, yogurt, cook them, or pair them together for a refreshing fruit salad.


  1. That is a busy workout routine! I am interested in the Power Yoga DVD, who is it by?

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  3. Pretty impressive routine there! And some very solid nutrition tips as well. I love my fruit!

  4. I’ve been trying to squeeze in more yoga as I know it really makes a difference in my body

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