Posted by: Run For Life | 6 May, 2009

Surprise package

Just a quick note: When I arrived home yesterday evening what do you think I found in front of my door?  MY NEW SHOES!!!  They came overnight!!!  I wanted to take them out for the inaugural run right then and there but it was raining.  I have a thing about no rain allowed for the first run in new kicks.  It looks like the rest of the week is supposed to remain rainy (of course) so this means a short trip to the treadmill after work.  I will wax poetic about them in a few days, I’m sure.


  1. Why does it always seem to rain the day you get new kicks…that ALWAYS happens to me! I wait anxiously for your poetry.

  2. Rain and new running shoes go together like ketchup and a white dress short. Inevitable.

  3. Definitely wouldn’t want to take the new shoes out in the rain either!

  4. I’ve got the same rule. Regrettably it’s that same rule that I blamed on taking 4 months to actually get those new shoes out the door…

  5. I’d be depressed if there was that much rain in Austin. BTW… I thought your treadmill story was huh-larious!!!

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