Posted by: Run For Life | 5 May, 2009

Job front

I feel I need to post this here so that I start to get things sorted out (in other words I’ve been procrastinating.)  You know how a while back I posted about getting a new job somewhere? Well, I have been looking around and there are a few choices to make.   Now the daunting task is figuring out what will be the best fit/most plausible. Every time I’ve made a major move since secondary school (approx. three) something ridiculous has occurred and so making another move (even bigger than the previous ones) has me a bit worried.

I do love traveling and yes I did look for international things so I’m hoping I can keep my head above water. This process will be tedious and way over the anal-retentiveness I already exhibit in analyzing things (yikes!) The list so far has two strong choices and a few “iffy” ones.  Now it’s a matter of logistics and such.  In all likelihood this move will happen in the fall/winter so I do have a few months to figure out things.

Is it bad that I’m going to be ranking these places on their running routes and access to other fitness related items?


  1. Heh, It is so not bad that you rank your options on running routes nearby. I would have done the same.
    Big changes, though usually scary as sh.t, are usually good and present new stimuli.

    All the best!

  2. Well in that case London should rank higher than Texas just because Texas is very humid and hot during the summer (at least the south). So move to London and then we can meet up! Hehe. 😉

  3. “Is it bad that I’m going to be ranking these places on their running routes and access to other fitness related items?”

    Nope, definitely not! Living in hot Texas wasn’t doing much to promote a healthy lifestyle for me. I was trying…but seriously…I wilt in the heat, even after being there for 5 years. That was definitely one of the draws to being in Calgary. So many opportunities to do things outside (aside from the few -40 days..)!

    • Oddly enough I was a gym rat when I lived in Calgary. I ran outside when it was nice but never entered races or joined a team. I think I was just too shy and not confident enough in my abilities at that time.

      I’m not too good in the heat either but I’m hoping I’d be able to adjust if that’s what I choose. If not I guess I’d make another move, haha.

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