Posted by: Run For Life | 5 May, 2009

Running in Circles

New shoes were ordered yesterday and are happily on their way as I type this, YAY!  Hopefully they don’t take forever and are here by the end of the week.  I love getting new runners and can’t wait to break them in.  The postal service better be on time for once!

I think I’m going to use the FIRST training plan.  I have really enjoyed doing my 10k from the Competitive Runner’s Handbook but I think that FIRST might be better in terms of the amount of time it takes up.  I reviewed both books again yesterday and really believe either would work.  I’d rather test out the FIRST philosophy of three quality runs a week on a half and if I don’t crash and burn see how that will go for the marathon.

I have a lot of cross training on my schedule and am afraid I’ll wipe out if I’m juggling too many things.  Plus, we only have twenty-four hours in a day and as much as I’d love to spend the majority of that outside and training I’m not paid for it.  If any companies would like to make that my job please feel free to contact me.  (How’s that for a digression?)

In terms of what races I want to do that’s dependent on if my best friend and I will travel somewhere or not.  She’d like to do Las Vegas (we’ve both never been) or Houston.  I figure I’ll look at the Hartford Marathon, possibly NY (although hasn’t the lottery been drawn already?) and there are a couple in WA that look nice.  I really need to spend some quality time on this weekend to map things out.  Maybe I’ll go nuts and do more than one!  I kind of want to jump into marathon training right now…18 weeks for a half just seems looong.

Oh!  I forgot to mention that I’ve narrowed down the Garmin selection to the 305 or 310 xt.Wow, I am babbling this morning…so I will end it here.  Have a great day!



  1. Do Houston. Do Houston! That’s what I’m going to sign up to do.

    • Hehe, my cousin really wants me to do it as well (she lives there.) It’s definitely at the top of the list!

  2. Good narrowing selection choices. If your budget and afford it – I’d go the 310. Some places supposedly have it available on Thursday.

    • That’s what I’m leaning toward…I won’t be getting it on Thursday but I’ll look for reviews most definitely. I’ll order one probably in June sometime.

  3. I’ll be very curious to see how the FIRST training goes. I’ve got the book and it intrieges me, but honestly, I like the multiple days a week thing.

    I’d go with he 310. Longer battery life and multisport…

    • Yeah, I’m nervous about the 3X a week thing…I still have a bit of time to change my mind though so I might decide to use FIRST after the marathon for a 5K or 10K. Or modify the plan a bit.

      I’m leaning toward the 310…it’s just a lot of cash to drop at once! I have been wanting a Garmin for a LONG time so I know it’s not a purchase I’ll regret.

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