Posted by: Run For Life | 3 May, 2009

Tying up loose ends

Did you SEE THAT RACE yesterday?!  If not the winner had 50-1 odds.  Absolutely amazing!!  That was an awesome Kentucky Derby and I was definitely screaming at the television. SO incredible.  That was  phenomenal riding from Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird sure gave him all he had!  I’m sure most of you don’t care about horses so I’ll move on now (although it’d still be worth it for you to watch a replay.) 😉  This video is long but after watching the race if you skip to 7:30 you’ll see the aerial view which is a lot easier for non-horse riders to see just how far he came and the speed he had:

I did go out for a second easy run and finished a 5k in around 26 minutes and it was hilly….uh…I was intending to go slower, oops.  Today’s long run certainly showed that I probably should have not done that but I still enjoyed my run so no complaints here.  I definitely need to buy some new runners because my shin was speaking to me quite obnoxiously today.  I’ll do that this week sometime.  I also made a new running playlist   because I was getting bored with the one I had so I’m excited to test that out this week.

I’ve decided to move onto a 1/2 training plan and then a full.  Now the question is to continue with the Competitive Runner’s Handbook or go with the FIRST plan?  Both are similar so I’ll probably flip a coin if I can’t decide soon.  Isn’t that how everyone figures out which training schedule to use?

This is completely random but I’d like to know what songs you like to dance to.  I’m putting together lists for my friend’s wedding.  She’d like a wide span of music so if you have any suggestions, fire away!

P.S. We will not discuss last night’s hockey game.



  1. Last night’s game? Booo…. Fingers crossed they turn things around!!!

  2. Awesome to see another BC blogger 🙂 Which half marathon are you going to do?

    • Hi Sarah! I’m not sure what half I’ll be doing yet. I was actually looking at the Scotiabank one that’s on June 28th but I’ll be traveling that day. 😦 I think I’m going to do one in the states now.

  3. I used Galloway’s training method. Worked for me!

    • I did a Galloway type method for my first marathon (10 run:1 walk) so that’s why I’m looking at other things. I like to experiment!

  4. Wow, that is pretty impressive! He made up an incredible amount of ground.

  5. Oops…should not have posted my last comment then about a certain hockey game. Anyway, I like how you decide on training plans…just flip a coin? Sometimes I really wish I could be that spontaneous. I love how you love the derby!

    • Haha, it’s ok, the game didn’t ruin my day at all! Yeaaah, I’m really not that spontaneous…just annoyed at myself for being indecisive!

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