Posted by: Run For Life | 2 May, 2009

Best Day!!!

churchilldownsI love this day!  Not only did I get in a nice easy run this morning and a good bit of time on the bike but it is the 135th Kentucky Derby! That’s not all though…because it’s also Canucks game night!

I love running, horses and hockey so I’m all set for tonight!!!!  Seriously, this day is better than Christmas!!!  SO EXCITED (in case you haven’t been able to tell by the annoying amount of exclamation marks!!!!!)

The Derby looks like it will be an awesome race.  One in which there is no real favourite and is pretty open.  Hopefully, there won’t be anything like what happened at the US Open Polo Championship.

I’m thinking about going for another run to expel some of this excess energy that seems to be in me today, haha. RUN HORSES RUN and GO CANUCKS GO!!


Also, there seem to be approximately 10 billion marathons tomorrow so good luck to everyone out there running a race tomorrow!



  1. Heh, it’s great to see you so excited! Have an excellent day

  2. Hope your horse and your hockey team wins today!!!

  3. I’m excited just to hear you all excited. I know the race is already done and the game is long over, but I still hope you enjoyed yourself.

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