Posted by: Run For Life | 30 April, 2009

A balancing act

Today’s post is part of the lovely TIART series from Runners’ Lounge

Finding a balance between all the things that need to be accomplished during the day can definitely be a challenge especially if your obligations change often. Those of you who are parents seem to have this balancing work, school, play, etc. down pat and I truly admire that!

What I do is make a list and then figure out when I’ll get those things done.  If putting a run in requires me to lose an hour of sleep or not read blogs then that’s what will happen.  If it isn’t scheduled it’s easier to talk yourself out of doing. For me, when I actually have a block of empty time that’s the hardest.  I thrive on being busy and can focus better when I have a bunch of things on my plate, so again, it’s all about planning for me.

I think this was harder when I first began running because it was something new in the routine whereas now it would throw me off if I didn’t get in my runs.  That being said I firmly believe that runs will sometimes need to be modified due to life.  Just move ahead and don’t panic – try to look at the whole picture.  After all, a healthy life is more important than a PR and chances are changing a few runs won’t jeopardize that PR anyway.



  1. Very true. Runs need to be adjusted every now and again. Running is also supposed to be about fun. As soon as it becomes an obligation, it’s not as much fun anymore.

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