Posted by: Run For Life | 20 April, 2009

Boston Marathon 2009

bmfinishToday is a day where not much work gets done in the morning!  First of all, congratulations to all of you RBF’s out there: Lam has finished, DC Rainmaker also should have by now, Frayed Laces is past the 25k mark and Betsy is out there as well as some other fabulous bloggers I follow.  You all have just run Boston!!!  Be sure to savour the rest of the day, properly refuel, rest, and most importantly, type up your race reports A.S.A.P. (just kidding, take your time!)

In the elite fields, Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall put in great races both getting on the podium for third place finishes.

For the women’s race they stayed together for much of the race then Kara gave a kick and was picking up the pace a bit before the last 5k.  Salina Kosgei and Dire Tune were the only ones that stuck to her and then those two poured on the pressure overtaking Goucher in the last stretch but Kara was definitely still going strong.  Kosgei finished ONE second before Tune in 2:32:16, talk about a close race!  Kara was only eight seconds behind that, really well run.  This was such an intense race, I was talking at the TV and clinching my fists until the end.

I was upset listening to Kara after, you could tell she was being very hard on herself and was heartbroken that she couldn’t give another surge after Boylston for the win.  As her husband, Adam, stated she ran a phenomenal race and should be proud.  Kara’s definitely a huge inspiration and her finish certainly doesn’t make me think anything less of her – in fact, I think it inspires me more because she never settles.  I’m excited to see what other incredible things she can do in marathoning.

As for the men’s race, it’s amazing that Daribe Merga was able to hold such a large lead for so long especially in that headwind (almost a full minute, he finished in 2:08:42.)  Merga definitely earned that medal today!  I wish they had asked his interpreter some more questions though because you could see he was absolutely glowing and ecstatic.  Ryan Hall said the wind was definitely a challenge and he did feel good about his race but was of course hoping he could catch the other two, he  finished eight seconds behind Daniel Rono at 2:09:40.  His wife, Sara, was so cute when they asked her how she thought Ryan was doing along the course.

Hopefully Robert Cheruiyot and Dire Tune are ok.  Cheruiyot had to step out of the race and collapsed on a stretcher.  They say he was complaining of very bad back pain and was taken to the hospital.  Tune collapsed at the finish and was also taken to a hospital.

All in all, an absolutely fantastic Boston Marathon!!    If you were unable to follow the marathon you can read about it here: Universal Sports and Runner’s World.  I look forward to hearing everyone’s stories from their personal races.  Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Thanks so much for tracking all of us. And thanks for the race recap. I was a bit upset that I couldn’t watch the elite race because I was running and so didn’t get to hear the story. Wow…i didn’ t know the race was so brutal for some of the elites…I thought it was only me!

  2. Thanks indeed for tracking us. I just last night got a chance to sit down and watch the whole elite race (womens and men’s). Clearly the women’s was a much better race – totally awesome.

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