Posted by: Run For Life | 15 April, 2009

Peanut peanut butter (and jelly!)

First you take the peanuts and you smash them, you smash them…

(Yes, I don’t remember if those are the actual words and you are welcome if I got that song stuck in your head. ;))

Growing up I was never a huge fan of peanut butter.  It was there and I’d eat it sometimes but I rarely ever asked for it.  This all changed once I started running.

I crave peanut butter more than most things while running.  I don’t eat it out of the jar or have trouble controlling it portion wise, thank goodness.  I just want it and once I’m done running I usually head to the cupboard for some as a part of my post-run fueling.  Sometimes even a teaspoon does the trick.


This usually happens when I’m doing higher mileage runs or really tough speed work.  I had figured out in my head that it was probably due to the fact that I have always naturally eaten a low fat diet and the craving was my body’s way of saying, “I need some healthy fats, woman!”

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of other female runners blog about peanut butter.  So…now I’m wondering if perhaps there is something more to it.  Peanut butter does have some iron content to it so maybe that’s part of it (though I would think I’d be wanting something with more Fe if that was the case.)

It just is one of those things that “gets to me” because I can’t figure out the answer.  Why don’t I crave it when I’m swimming or biking?  Do any of you have any insight as to why you want peanut butter?  Do any of the men crave it as well and just don’t post about it?  Or do you have other cravings when your running length increases?

For now, I’ll just go with it and ask, “Have you had your p.b. today?”



  1. I crave it..and then I find a jar…and then it’s bad. I think it’s because it so quickly makes you feel full, and it’s just so gooooooood.

    • Haha, yeah it is pretty substantial and pairs with a lot of other foods. I’m glad I haven’t yet experienced the “must eat whole jar” syndrome.

  2. Peanut butter is So good. It is great for replenishing your kcal store. Though I am sure it is good for particular bloodvalues (iron must be one of them), I don’t get beyond the taste aspect of the stuff 😉

  3. Peanut butter = good. But not in the days immediately before a race. Then it’s peanut butter = binding.

  4. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  5. I crave PB&J! i need it….every single day. My day isn’t complete without it, and all the running makes me crave it more! but it has to be PB&J not just PB by itself….i can’t understand it!

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