Posted by: Run For Life | 12 April, 2009

Where did the week go?!

Last week completely escaped me as it flew by.  I have about five partially written posts in queue so I might be able to make up for it this week, you lucky readers you. 😉

Running and the general workout schedule went off without a hitch and whatever was still lurking in my system that caused me to complain the past couple weeks about not being “on,” tired, sluggish, or what have you disappeared (thank goodness.)

All in all on the runs I was able to keep the right pace, didn’t feel out of it at anytime, and the legs were responsive.  I’m excited for this spring/summer round of training and cannot wait to see how these new elements I’ve implemented in my routine help with races.  I think it’ll be a great season!

In other news, I am COMPLETELY ready for summer to begin.  This is a bit odd because summer and I usually don’t get along.  I think I just want to get out more…I’ll probably be whining about the weather come June, haha. I’ve been eating a lot of tropical fruits and dreaming I’m on some island.  This was quite possibly the best recovery drink I had all week: one large and beautifully ripe mango (peeled and diced), about a cup of delicious pineapple (also diced), 180mL. Greek yogurt, 250mL. ice cold water all whirrled together and split into two glasses.  Then I peeled and sliced another mango and had half of it with one of the smoothies…mmmmm…so good!

Non-running news: 90 days until my bff gets married!!!  I’m so excited for her wedding, it’s going to be fabulous!  Any women have sunless tanning advice/know of products that work well?  I’m ridiculously pale and don’t want to look like death at her wedding, haha.

Alright, everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and I promise to post this week.



  1. I don’t know about the weather, but bring on the summer drinks!

    Glad you are feeling better and having better workouts too!

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