Posted by: Run For Life | 5 April, 2009

Garmin does it again!

As I was perusing my new Runner’s World issue last night what did my eyes happen to fall on after the “Rave Run?”  A Garmin ad.  NOT for the Forerunner 405 my friends, oohhh no.  In case you’re someone who skips the adverts or if you don’t have a subscription this is what it was for: the Garmin Forerunner 310XT and the Garmin Forerunner 405CX.

Not one but TWO new beautiful new devices to help us number loving, type A, hardworking, sweaty people log our workouts and train better.

TWO!!! Now I have even more options to decide on when I complete my goal.  Great.  Because you all know how decisive I am. 😉  The Laminator was right in his prediction that Garmin would come out with a new model before I bought one (to which I disagreed.)  The joke’s on me!

Just feast your eyes on these lovely specimens:

310xt405cxIf I were to buy one of the new models, from looking at the specs I think I’d order the 310XT since it’s WATERPROOF to 50 metres and can be bike mounted as well.    That’s just cool – it’s like the 305 all grown up.

The 405CX looks great as well and having the option to switch bands for smaller wrists is a good perk because I usually need a kid sized watch band.

Personally, I think Garmin was right on about launching these simultaneously.  They can satisfy the wants of the 305 hardcore fans/tri crowd and the newer 405 converts all at once…brilliant.  Plus, these upgraded ones came out fast.  (I believe the 405 hit the market early last year.)

Ok, back to the gadgets: if you check out this comparison chart you can see that the 405 and 405CX are the same size, weight and battery life.  The 305 and 310XT are very close in size and the 310 is slightly less in weight.  However, the 310 has a TWENTY HOUR battery life.

The new units are Mac compatible so there will be no need to wait for a software upgrade.  They also both compute calorie expenditure based on your heart rate and use the ANT+ technology for wireless syncing.

So how do I narrow these puppies down?! 305, 405, 310XT, or the 405CX.  It’s like choosing a favourite run…it seems impossible.  Feel free to let me know if any of you have bought the two newest models and how you like them compared to the older ones.



  1. Wow! Wasn’t aware there are that many options. If you couldn’t chose between 2, how do you choose between 4? Decisions, decisions…

  2. Wow…I really want the 310XT! I love that they finally made it waterproof. Awesome for triathlons!

  3. I would get the 310XT. I love my 305 and the 310XT seems every better! Plus, now that it works with Macs, I am sold!!!

  4. I would also get the 310XT. While both are due out in June, I’m hoping to be able to review them at some point when I can. Check out my 405 and 305 reviews on my blog to see which ones might be best for ya. They are very similiar to the 340/405CX, with the only major differences being water/battery and wireless sync for the 310.

    I’m excited too!

  5. whoa! those are great! I couldn’t even begin to tell you how to break them down. Picking one would require weeks of research in my neurotic way of buying gadgets.

  6. Garmin is now my crack dealer.

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