Posted by: Run For Life | 4 April, 2009

Sleep is for the weak

I have a feeling I’ve posted with this title before.  During secondary school and uni this was my (albeit unhealthy) mantra.  There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to go to classes, study, work out, socialize, run errands, eat, and get in a solid sleep.  I can function on little sleep better than most people but the past couple of days have my body rebelling.

Thursday was spent working until 05:30 (yes, that’s technically Friday) and then waking up at 08:30.  Fast forward through the day I then thought I’d go to the gym and get in a workout (the track session was just not going to happen) to boost energy so I could get to sleep at a normal time and reset my inner clock, so to speak.  HAHAHA…I’m so funny.  I ended  up doing a 20 minute circuit and couldn’t even muster up some desire to spit out a ten minute run.  Went home, showered, made dinner (by which I mean I nuked an Amy’s burrito and had some salad) and then passed out.  Woke up several hours later and of course, couldn’t fall asleep until 04:00 last night/this morning.

It turns out, I woke up around 06:00 thoroughly confused as to what day it was.  I was able to get back to sleep, phew!  Today I am just dragging.  I had a whole list of things to do but instead I fit in a quick morning workout, read a book, and tried to make a dent in my Google reader.  Normally this would bother me but surprisingly it isn’t.  I think I will modify my list to now be: call friends, read new issue of RW…and maybe get in a bike ride.  I might need to resort to some coffee for a boost.  Then perhaps I’ll work on the real “to do” list I had.


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  2. That is one crazy schedule girl! Hope you are able to get back on schedule soon. I admire your dedication to work out after that crazy sleep schedule.

  3. Yikes…sounds like you need some sleep – even if it is for the weak!…or the weekend. 😉

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