Posted by: Run For Life | 1 April, 2009

Killer workout

Today I tried to mix things up which went like so:

photo from flickr

– 5 minute warmup
– 10 minutes of running up and down stairs
– 8k (5 mile) run trying to stay in anaerobic zone
– 15 pushups
– 1 min side plank w. pushup type things (can you tell I don’t know the technical term for this?!)
– various lunges
– another 1 min side plank/pushup hybrid
– 5 mins. jumping rope
– 10 min. recovery

I am beat.  It was sooo worth it though!  I still have over 250 unread running posts so I’m working on it now. 😉

Be sure to check these out:

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  1. Wow that IS a killer workout. Nice!

  2. I refer to much of my workout as thingies or things. I think it’s quite technical. 🙂

  3. You are a better runner than I am. I hate stairs, despise them, really.

  4. That is a very good workout. I like the 10 minutes of running up/down the stairs before doing your run.

    Enjoy the weekend1

  5. […] decided I’ll post once a week with a workout I’ve done (expect them to be similar to this one) and an update on nutrition.  Really, I’m about maintaining a healthy lifestyle ALL the time […]

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