Posted by: Run For Life | 31 March, 2009

iPod workouts

I wanted to pass along this link for a Nike+ iPod speed workout that’s free!  (I haven’t listened to it yet so I’m not guaranteeing it’s great.)  Do any of you use the iPod workouts?  If so, which ones do you like?  Sometimes I run with music but it just depends on my mood.  Other times I’ll listen to podcasts but haven’t really given any of these “coach” downloads a try yet.

My workouts were mediocre last week and I didn’t feel like boring you with that.  So far this week it has been back on track as well as the nutrition.  I am actually looking forward to my track session on Thursday!  I’m headed out now for a run but thought I’d let you know how things are going.

Oh, random but I have (steel cut) oatmeal fairly often (and I know a few of you do as well.) I tried adding in something new this morning: ground ginger.  I typically add fruit, cinnamon, almonds, etc.  I was just rummaging through the cabinet and thought I’d give it a shot.  I liked it, adds a great little kick!


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  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Mmm…oatmeal with fruits, nuts and cinnamon. Now ground ginger…never would have thunk of that.

  4. I run with an iPod every now and again, but mainly on long runs. I have taken to listening to podcasts and audiobooks. That works very well for me.

    The link you posted looks very interesting. I will definitely need to check that out.

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