Posted by: Run For Life | 30 March, 2009

Own Dean Karnazes’ Running Gear!

deankarnazes1Here’s a great opportunity if you have a bunch of bills burning a hole in your wallet and want to give to charity.  Dean Karnazes has autographed and is selling his yellow jersey ($300.00 USD) and a pair of runners ($200.00 USD) that he wore in the Desert Grand Slam Series.  The money will go to Blue Planet Run which helps to provide safe drinking water around the world to those that need it!

You can also sell things you own and no longer want here to help out or donate an amount of your choosing.



  1. Hi,

    How does that BluePlanet runs work?!?!. I have tried to organize some runs for charity without any luck!!.

    Nice blog you have here, keep up on running!!



    • Hi Atrusni

      I’ve never organized a run with them – I just ran 10 miles on my own and donated some money a while back. It looks like they have a bunch of options now set up if you click on “get involved” on the main page. I’m sure they’d also respond if you have further questions. Good luck!

  2. Dean Karnazes is a total joke. A self-promoting whore. Read the wikipedia entry on him, especially the links regarding the north pole race

  3. der,

    Have you ever met Dean Karnazes? Do you believe everything you read on Wikipedia? I don’t understand how you can judge a person without meeting them.

    Dean Karnazes is an incredible human being involved in many charities. He participates in countless charities in which he does not receive a single cent for his efforts.

    I’ve met the man in person and I have to tell you he is the most humble, down to earth person I have ever met. He has achieved some incredible accomplishments both in his professional and personal life.

    Keep an open mind before you judge.

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