Posted by: Run For Life | 27 March, 2009

Google terms

I check my google search terms every once in a while and usually they’re normal running terms people type in, sometimes there’s something funny or just plain odd but for the most part the terms don’t make me raise my eyebrow.  I just wanted to take a second to write about this one: “ice bath as punishment.”

I hope this person is an athlete looking to “punish” themselves after a long intense workout but I somehow doubt that.  Even though this person probably didn’t find what they were looking for and won’t visit this site again I wanted to address it just in case.

In my opinion, you should not use an ice bath to punish anyone, especially children.  The only time you should dunk a child in an ice bath is if they have a raging fever that’s endangering their brain function (and if the fever is that bad you need to call the paramedics.)  Ice baths can cause physical and psychological damage – it is abuse if used for punishment.

How about not letting them have ice cream for dessert, make them sit in a corner for five minutes, or don’t let them watch their favourite show?  Even better try rewarding good behaviour and then they will most likely want to do the right thing.  If you’re really unsure of how to handle something ask their pediatrician if what’s concerning you is normal and what you can do to make the situation better.



  1. That is a really odd term for Google search. I shudder to think of the underlying motivation. Thanks for addressing that.

  2. Ha, awesome! My favorite Google search term someone found my site on was “My fish is swimming in circles”.

  3. Wow – isn’t it funny how people stumble across our blogs!! I had to look at my current list of Google searches (because of this post), and my best was “my wife has a stinky butt”



  4. How do you find the search terms on analytics? I haven’t figured that one out yet and I’m itching to know!

    p.s. love your blog!

    • Thanks!

      I don’t know where it is on Google Analytics, I can’t find it there either, sorry! WordPress has them listed on my stats homepage when I log in to type a post up.

  5. My most recent one was “liar liar pants on fire pictures.” What kind of pictures are they looking for??

    • Haha, I know some are so weird…

      That sounds like maybe something a kid would type in!

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