Posted by: Run For Life | 26 March, 2009

The hare or the turtle?

As runners we get obsessions that range anywhere from the type of fuel we use, to pre-race rituals, the brand of runners we buy, and more.  We like knowing what works for us and tend to stick with it.  When looking at races for upcoming seasons we pour over different training schedules and old logs trying to figure out how to optimize our running.  One major aspect that most runners want to improve on is speed.  Whether you’re at the back of the pack or a front runner it feels wonderful to break old records.

Hills, lactate threshold, intervals, track workouts….these things can help with your speed but what if you’re overwhelmed as a beginning runner or you just don’t have the time this month to squeeze in as many runs as you’d like?

Go for consistency just like the turtle did.  Make sure your running is regularly scheduled and that you get out there – you cannot improve if you don’t hit the ground!  Change up your routes frequently for more variety in terrain, push the pace past “conversational” every once in a while, and listen to your body.  The more consistent you are with this the more efficient your body will become and naturally your speed will increase.

Stop by the Runners’ Lounge for more suggestions on how to get faster!


  1. Great observation. Speed is absolutely the topic that each and every runner I talk (in person) to is obsessed about.

    Personally, I am more about running to feel good and indeed running consistently.

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