Posted by: Run For Life | 25 March, 2009


That was me falling off the wagon.  Which wagon is that?  How much would you cringe if I said all of them?  Yeah, big oopsie.

I haven’t run since last week.  I am cranky without it and instead of dreaming of finding the perfect man like most women my age I dream of working out and of finding super discounted runners (so much that I bought five pairs at once…if only that wasn’t fiction, eh?!)  Hehe, my dreams are awesome.

My eating habits this week have been less than desirable.  (Why are jelly belly beans so enticing?)

Cross training has also taken a downturn.

Last week was “take it easy” workout wise and I had more done then.  That, my friends, is just plain pathetic!  I felt so out of routine yesterday that it was making me miserable.  So today I decided to reel everything back in.  Eating has been good all day, I did some yoga in the morning, and went for a short bike ride at lunch – I already feel better.  Sometimes it takes slip-ups like this to remember to stop being an idiot.  I’ll be getting in my run after I do some errands and am looking forward to it!

P.S. I am way behind on catching up with blogland.



  1. It’s good to take some time off every now and again. This can be time off from blogland, running and healthy food.

    I find it always recharges me to fall off the grid every now and again

  2. I guess what’s true for alcoholics is true for runners… you are going to fall off the wagon. You can’t beat yourself up when it happens. You just get back on.

  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

  4. I see nothing wrong with a full jelly belly diet. Just be sure to even out the different flavor food groups for maximum nutrition.

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