Posted by: Run For Life | 15 March, 2009

25 tid-bits

I’ve been tagged a billion times on facebook to do this…but like Danica I didn’t want to post on fb.   When I saw Laminator’s I felt like a running one was a good  idea, too.  Since I’ve been a sloth the past couple of days I had time to type this out.  It will be about various sports I’ve done so you’ll get a little more info about me that I hopefully haven’t posted about previously.

  1. I never thought I could run because I am short among other things.
  2. When I have my iPod with me for runs I listen to songs I NEVER listen to otherwise.  I am thoroughly embarrassed by some of them.  No, I won’t tell you what songs.
  3. I thought it was hysterical that in high school the 1600 (1 mile) was around the rugby field, up a hill, around part of the baseball field, down the hill, and back over to the rugby field. (Can you tell we didn’t have a track?!)
  4. My best friend and I used to run around our neighbourhood just because.  I don’t remember why we started or why we stopped for that matter.
  5. When I was a pre-teen/teen my dad and I would bike in the summer 150 miles in four days and camp along the way.
  6. I used a mountain bike and thought my cadence monitor was the coolest thing EVER.
  7. I especially liked my dad’s idea of a recovery food after our “training” rides – ice cream.
  8. I like how you can always learn new techniques in sports.
  9. I never considered myself athletic (and still don’t) but when I think about it I’ve been  involved in something for most of my life – I’m just not at the “athletic” level.
  10. Yoga is good for “me” time.
  11. Jumping makes me feel like I’m flying.  Working together with a horse is incredible.
  12. I also never thought I was competitive.   I was very much so (still am) and I don’t know why I ever thought that – kids are odd like that, haha.
  13. Most of the sports I love I found out by accident; therefore, I’m always up to trying new things.
  14. I thought my dance instructor was crazy when she wanted me to practice the routine at home.  My schedule at the time was: school, 3-4hrs. at the pool, 1hr. dance (lifting or riding on other days), homework/study until 1 or 2am.  Repeat.  I did squeeze some practice in there but I remained terrible, haha.
  15. My highest lifting weight was 78kg (172 lbs.)  I weighed 50kilos (110 lbs.) at the time.
  16. I loved the part of kayaking where you have to learn to flip over and get back.
  17. Pull-ups are my nemesis.
  18. I admire those that are better than me and try to pick up hints and tips from them.
  19. I have never liked second place.  Third…ok I could come to terms that there were things to work on.   Second is just a hard core fail in my book. (Exception: not expecting to place at all.)
  20. Even though I know how to use the machines at the gym I always feel like I cannot enter the “man zone” and just stick to cardio and do strength training at home.
  21. Dressage has always been my least favourite thing to do in the equestrian world.
  22. I enjoy beating a guy at anything remotely athletic – especially if they’re cocky.  Then I feel guilty for it.
  23. I remember doing Richard Simmons workout videos with my mother (I was probably 6ish) and another with a lady that would talk about getting eight glasses of water a day at the end.  I thought they were great!
  24. I feel fantastic when someone tells me they’ve started exercising and want to talk to me about it.
  25. I love it even more when I can join or help out!


  1. That is a great post. Reading it, I am jealous about your young age when you started doing various sports. I discovered running when I was about 33 and am still in mourning for the lost 30 years when I could have been building my running experience.

  2. Awesome list! I admire the fact that you are so versatile and got involved in so many athletic things when you were young. If I could be considered an athlete because I can do one sport – running…then you are surely an athlete for doing so many athletic things throughout your life. Seriously, that’s really something to be proud of.

    One of my coaching philosophies is to “Never Deny Your Awesomeness!”. So know that you are awesome for being so talented in so many things and there’s nothing that you can’t do!

    Oh, and I’m glad you are able to inspire people with your exercising and all that. It’s truly great when someone you know takes step to be more healthy and is able to share it with you.

  3. You can self recover your kayak? Very nice… That’s always fun to refresh each spring…especially when it doesn’t work out the first time or two.

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