Posted by: Run For Life | 14 March, 2009

To gu?

Pesky Pathogen

Pesky Pathogen

My enthusiasm for real food did me in.  I cooked a lovely meal (or at least it smelled that way)  but then my stomach decided it didn’t want any part of it, go figure.  Oh well…I saran wrapped it and tucked it into my fridge so it’ll be there for when I can eat.  Hopefully today will be better because living off of less than 800 bland calories for two days* is not fun and I don’t want it to be the same.  Very few (and not much of that) will stay down. Hey, I told you on Thurs. that I was now someone that blogged about gross things. 😛  In hindsight, the walking yesterday was probably not such a genius idea but I never called myself one so I guess you can’t argue with that.  No worries though because I’ll be sticking to my bed and couch for today EVEN if I feel better – just call me the sloth.

Has anyone ever tried consuming gels when having non-running GI upsets?  I was thinking about it since they are generally easier to digest…my brain hasn’t decided yet because you know how when sometimes it just feels like a rock in your stomach?  Yeah, pretty sure that would compound the problem.  If you want to weigh in on the gu debate or have any other ideas that would be excellent.  The upside: Reading my new issue of Runner’s World and uh…catching up on tv shows?  Anyway, I’m off to watch LOST now so you should go enjoy a run!

Random: Why is it when I Googled “stomach flu pictures” did religious cartoons that made no sense come up?

* Yes, I’m aware that’s unhealthy and no one should go under 1,200 calories unless on a medically supervised diet.  Especially athletes, we need our fuel.  Trust me, I’d be eating more if I could.


  1. I find myself pondering, “is a 10K long enough for GU?” I’m thinking that the answer is – yes. I can let you know tomorrow if I was right or not.
    Enjoy LOST and get well.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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