Posted by: Run For Life | 14 March, 2009

The gu experiment

So I decided to experiment and take a Gu…they don’t seem nearly as palatable as when you’ve been running and need a boost. Because of this they take longer to get down, haha. No issues so that’s good…but I won’t be taking another. I’ll save those – it somehow seems like running sacrilege to take them like this!


  1. Ugh, Gu. I just can’t get past the consistency of it. I’ll stick with the less effective but more palatable gummy bears.

  2. Sorry to read about your stomach giving you a hard time :-(.

    My experience with gels is limited to 2 during training runs, so I could hardly tell you anything useful. I agree with your observation that they are … ok … if you really need a boost (or to wash away the taste of the bugs on a sunny day). Still, I think they would make me rather sick if I would take one when I am at home watching TV.

    I hope you get well soon!

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