Posted by: Run For Life | 13 March, 2009


My best friend picked out a 10k race for us to do together and I’m excited for that!  Since I’m already training for a 10k I’m thinking I’ll finish up this round and then move onto a half or marathon schedule and use the 10k she picked as a gauge of how I’ll do (it’s in the summer.)  Any suggestions for the training plan?

In terms of running news there isn’t much because of this blasted stomach flu I have been unable to do my normal routine.  I decided to go for a walk and ended up with five miles.  (In order to deter myself from running I wore inappropriate shoes, haha.)  At least I got some exercise in and had no ill side effects.  I am feeling a bit better and am so excited to get off of my “diet” of premium plus crackers, english muffins, ginger ale, and pretzels.  Can you say bland and refined carbs?  Hopefully it’s one of those 48 hr. things and I’ll be ok tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


  1. Not sure where you’re at with your base of training but there was a decent 10k program in Running Times either this month or last (sorry, I can’t recall). I’m not one to follow strict programs but if I were training for a 10k, I would likely put in a total of 40-60 miles per week with one long run (10-15 miles as you build up), one day of hill workouts (about an hour with warm up, cool down) and another day of some sort of interval training. For the 10k distance, I would mix it up with one week of repeat 800s (i.e. 6×800 at 5k pace) and another week of mile repeats (4×1 mile again at 5k pace), then a tempo run another week (10 min warm up, 25-30 mins at 10k pace, 10 min cool down) just to keep it mixed up. Continue the hill workouts every week, as I find these to be the strength builders that pay off in the last two miles of a 10k race.

    All that being said, I’m not a coach and not that fast but I’ve watched A LOT of people train, some well and most not so well. Also, I hardly ever race 10ks, so what do I know…? 😉

    Hope you feel better this weekend.

  2. Sorry, just realized you are looking for a good half marathon plan. Well, now you have a 10k plan.

    A half marathon plan is similar actually, though the long run should reach 15 miles and hit that at 5 weeks out and again at 3 weeks out before the race. I would also mix in a “steady state” run in which you’ll run your goal race pace for 30-40 mins with a 10 min warm up/cool down.

    • Thanks for the advice! (Sorry this is late, I just figured out how to reply directly to people in comments, haha.)

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