Posted by: Run For Life | 12 March, 2009

Little did I know!

I am normally a “proper” person.  I rarely swear, I say please, thank you, and you’re welcome when appropriate.  I mind my manners and take pride in looking put together and know what fork to use when the table is set with lots of cutlery.

When running entered my life for good I became an “all things running” addict.  I started buying Runner’s World and Running Times off the rack, enjoyed reading the articles and found a lot of useful tips.  Then I stumbled across The Complete Running Network and started to browse blogs and thoroughly enjoyed that.  I mainly lurked because I was not considering myself a runner.

homerrunSometimes these posts would be filled with anecdotes of having horrible cramps and needing to squat in the woods, of having mucous buildup and wiping it off with a shirt, of being blissfully disheveled at the end of a run…you know – NORMAL running things.  Sidenote: I also thought it was hilarious how many men would post in length on the woe’s of finding a perfect pair of runners.

While I laughed or cringed at these tales I distinctly remember thinking, “I will NOT be THAT type of runner.”  HAHAHAHAHA!  Little did I know that I too would be sharing stories of bodily functions with my running pals, popping blisters, and spitting on the side of the road.  Yes, some people do these things even if they aren’t exercising but ironically if I witness such an account I immediately think it’s gross yet the runners don’t phase me.  To any beginners: it’s inevitable.

Honestly, all the runners I’ve met are fantastic, nice, intelligent people and it isn’t that we’re unaware of social rules.  It’s the fact that we’re getting out there even if things feel “off” or some pains and mucous show up along the way it won’t deter us.  We definitely have our idiosyncrasies (it seems like similar ones at that) but mark my words all this talk you may think is “disgusting” will eventually become commonplace in your running world.  Just embrace it. 😉

Some other running things I never thought would happen (this list could go on for a long time so I just put in a few):

  • Spending more time and money on shopping for running gear as opposed to regular attire.  (Some of you are probably thinking, “running gear IS my normal attire so I can’t relate to that.” haha.)
  • I would have multiple pairs of runners in rotation.
  • That I would enjoy feeling exhausted after a long run.
  • Ice baths.
  • Dreaming of running would be frequent and considered pleasent.
  • I would rather go to bed at the same time as a 7 year old and wake up at “way-to-early” to go for a run.
  • Gels would be a staple in my diet.
  • That I would routinely convert in my head how long it would take me to run from A to B instead of driving.

Have a great day!  This post was sparked by the wonderful Tom & Amy’s TIART of Runners’ Lounge!



  1. Hmmm. I do the last item in your list, too. If I’m driving, I’m always amazed at how far 13 miles really is.

  2. Great post!

    I totally never thought I’d be a shoe addict before I started running…and I am the one that thinks running attire IS my regular attire…so? Haha!

    Love it!

  3. Great post! I guess I really became a runner when I started have a shoe rotation.

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