Posted by: Run For Life | 1 March, 2009

Running goodies

Lärabar– Mmmm, so tasty! I get these every once in a while and usually reserve them for a running treat since a lot of them taste very much like a dessert. Well, I was running low on my normal stock of running nutrition and grabbed the Cherry Pie flavour Lärabar out of my bag and it was delicious. I love pretty much anything with cherries in it and this did not disappoint. It’s amazing how the almonds made it actually taste like pie. The only ingredients are: dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries. (All Lärabars have no additives and simple ingredients.)  I know this is random (and I was not asked to review them or anything) I just thought it may be useful for you.

Heart Rate Monitor – If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know every once in a while I post about how I’m waiting to purchase a Garmin. I’m big on, “if I do x…than I can buy y.” A Garmin is a big “y” so I haven’t completed my big “x” to attain it yet. No I’m not telling you what it is right now, haha. What would be the fun in just buying one?

At any rate, I’ve still wanted to have a hrm because I think it will be beneficial in training. The other day someone told me they had purchased one and don’t use it anymore and they’d be happy to pass it on to me. Yay! I just need to replace the battery and then I’ll be good to go. I don’t think it does calories burned but I don’t really care about that since it’s a mathematical equation I can figure that part out myself. I’m certainly excited to test out my new toy!

Gear – When I was out shopping I was looking for a new pair of runners since two of mine are getting up there. I had no luck (I’ll probably just order online from somewhere) but I DID score a pair of shorts (now my total is up to a whopping two pairs.) I also grabbed a running jacket that’s waterproof and I cannot wait to test it out either.

This past week my running schedule was skewed so it’s back to my regular schedule and blogging starting tomorrow.  I also wanted to let you know that I have added some things to my about page and answered a question someone posted there.  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!



  1. I agree that the Larabar’s are really tasty compared to some of the other “energy bars.” I had some this weekend while camping and found them to be lacking in lasting nutritional sustenance. Do you find them comparable to your normal form of running nutrition?

  2. Heart Rate Monitor…I’m a big fan. I’m amazed though that you are still holding out on getting a garmin. Maybe they’ll have the next model by the time you do ‘X’ ?

  3. I just discovered Larabars in January when I was volunteering for the RNR AZ marathon. They had a box of bite-size ones for us to snack on. Banana nut… delicious.

  4. Not a huge LaraBar fan. I love the Clif products, both the regular bars, and the nectar ones that are more similar to the LaraBars. Go figure.

    Love my Garmin/HR monitor. The low HR training has done me a workd of good, and I think I ‘get’ how it all works, which helps me stick with my training plan.

  5. I love my Garmin HRM, and it is indeed incredibly useful in training. I’ll be interested in what you think once you purchase it!

  6. Crossn81 – I don’t use these as a meal replacement by any means because you’re right, they aren’t high in protein and some other nutrients. When I do have them it’s to restore glycogen stores after a medium run or a long run I combine with a protein.

    When I go backpacking I use a food dehydrator and then pack in ziptop bags my meals that can easily be made with limited supplies (my pack ends up being around 20kg. or 45lbs.) and I find having real food is very beneficial when doing all that climbing.

    Lam – “X” will be done SOON! I will have that Garmin before Sept! I’m leaning towards the 305 since the 405 seems to have some kinks I don’t think I would do well with.

    Reid – I haven’t tried the Banana Nut yet but it sounds good!

    Aaron – I love Clif bar products and tend to lean towards those if I need a bar as well. I haven’t tried the nectar products.

    I’ll let you all know how the heart rate stuff works out!

  7. What are your objections to the 405? They’re probably buried in the archives, and I just haven’t hit them yet…

    I’ve got one and am pretty dang happy with it.

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