Posted by: Run For Life | 17 February, 2009

Sexy Six Pack Wrap-Up (NSFW)

The thirty days have come to an end and here are my results:

  • I completely gave up on the pilates DVD last week.  It was just too easy, even when I modified the moves to be more advanced.  I know that pilates can be really challenging so I just need to find a DVD that suits me.
  • I did stick a core workout three times a week.  I do feel like it has helped even if I never got that “day after soreness.”
  • According to my tape measure I have lost 0.5″.
  • I don’t see any difference but feel stronger.

I’m going to continue with the ab workout three times a week and work on tweaking the diet a bit.  Hopefully the abs will come through eventually!  Thanks to Amanda at Run To Finish for coming up with this fun challenge!

Pics (I made sure to wear the same workout clothes because I’m Type-A like that):

Before Pictures

After Pictures:



  1. wow 1/2 an inch, holy cow that’s wonderful. maybe i need to do a too easy pilates video 😉

  2. I’m all about doing too easy DVD’s. It’s much more enjoyable than harder DVD’s.

  3. […] I am launching Operation: Bikini Bod.  Now, since I’m already on the quest for the elusive sexy six pack (potentially NSFW – pics of my “abs”) the battery my abs have been taking will […]

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