Posted by: Run For Life | 13 February, 2009


I spent two hours at the gym.  Doing a lot.  I felt better while working out and perhaps for a whole half hour after (which is practically nothing.)  Then I cried….as in, hysterical bursts of tears.  Ridiculous.  I don’t cry.  I think the last time that happened was over a year ago.  Argh!  So I pulled myself together and decided to read for a bit and now I’m feeling ok.  Still not myself.  Pardon my hormones being all whacked out, I don’t know what the bloody problem is.  Let’s hope that next week is better.



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kirsten. I hope you enjoyed my Virtual Valentine’s card!

    (aka Teacherwoman)

  2. It’s not easy being female. Guys have it so EASY!
    IMHO anyways ; )
    Hope your are feeling better – sometimes in helps me to read positive stuff like Life 2.0

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